Making Mugs

   My work as a ceramic artist has always been firmly rooted in the idea that the origins of clay objects are functional in nature.  My work is almost exclusively […]


Recently I attended a workshop with amazing ceramic artist Judy Motzkin in Wellfleet, MA.  We brought unglazed pieces and pit-fired them, a process that uses natural materials like seaweed and […]


Many of my ocean-themed pieces have light washes and hints of color, but are mostly white.  I use this technique to keep the pieces peaceful, giving them a soft look. […]


These new pieces are based on the idea that nature will repurpose manmade materials.  Piles of trash carelessly discarded by humans gather together with the tides, becoming entangled with seaweed […]


Sometimes, when I feel artist’s block and cannot get myself into the studio, I go back to my roots as an artist and create something that feels “safe.”  As a […]


  I have vivid memories of sitting on the beach as a small child, feeling the warmth of the sun on my bare skin as I watched my grandfather cross […]


  While I was pregnant, it was difficult to work on the pottery wheel.  As an alternative, I began creating orbs out of two pinch pots, then adding details and […]