A selection of past and present work, organized by genre.   A * indicates the work has been sold, published or displayed in a gallery.


Ocean Inspired Works

IMG_1444    IMG_1456    MiniOcto1

   Tentacled Tumbler *               Coral Embrace                      Octopus Vase III


OctoTray1         HermitCrab1

           Wave Dance Tray                                  Hermit Crab Jar

   IMG_1689     SAMSUNG CSC                

    Submerged Awakening *      Octopus Vase II                             Longing                                 Tidepool


IMG_0483    IMG_0484       IMG_0800       NewShell1

                         Octopus Vase I *                                          Spiral Shaker *                                 Saggar Shell 


IMG_1452                   IMG_0479       IMG_0483

     Tidepool Footprints                                                  Shell Shaker and Whistle * 





   Tidepool Teapot *

 GreenToadTeapot1         GreenToadTeapot2              

                                       Green Toad Teapot


IMG_0442    BeeTeapot2

                                            Beehive Teapot *


IMG_0481         IMG_0482

                                                    Atropa Belladonna *


Nature Inspired Works


PoppyVase1   FlowerVase    Toad Vase

          Poppy Vase *                                           Overgrown                           Cane Toads: Breeding Ground *


IMG_1649    IMG_1648

                                                          Dogwood Seed Pod


   IMG_0479    IMG_0480

                                         Beehive I *


 IMG_0076    IMG_0086 

                                             Chromium Lily *


Mugs and Functional Work


          see shop to purchase                     simple jewelry dish

Swirled Cups          Swirled Pitcher

Swirled porcelain mugs and pitcher

Octo Jewelry holder

Octopus Jewelry Holder

Double Coral bowl Double Honeycomb bowl

Double Star bowl Double Dot bowl

Double-Walled Bowls: Coral, Honeycomb, Star and Dot


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  1. Hi Erin!

    This website is amazing! I am so happy to see that your work is flourishing! Green Toad Studio sounds perfect for you. I hope I will get to see you soon, I have been thinking of you a lot lately!

    Lots of love,



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