Each of these pieces was a special request from a customer.  I worked with each person to understand what their specific needs were, and then made their wishes come true in clay.  Though each piece varies greatly from my personal style, I enjoy the challenge of creating art that is outside my comfort zone.


Set of vases made in the style of traditional Portuguese urns, made for a friend as a gift to his grandmothers


Elements Chalice: created for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medfield, MA

IMG_0805    IMG_0806

Cow Mug: a request from a former student, for her mother who loves cows

IMG_1455     IMG_1454

Evernote Mug: made for an employee of the company who apparently loves his job!


Pikachu Mug: made for a friend who wanted to give a gift to a Pokemon fan

IMG_0894   IMG_0927

IMG_1011   IMG_5496

Buddha Garden Statue

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  1. Ooh! That Buddha statue is amazing!!!


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